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Aceh coal fired power plantis located onNaganRayaCounty, Aceh province, the northern end ofthe Indonesianisland of Sumatra, with a total installed capacity of224MW, which is the important power plant project of outside island in 10 million kw electric power development plan issuedby State Electricity Company of Indonesia.Sinohydrowon thebidding of this project onMarch 4, 2008, signed theEPC contract on April 25, 2008, the project was financed byexport buyer’s credit of Export-Import Bank ofChina.

The execution of the project in terms of safety, schedule and quality are outstanding performance, and get the owner’s praise for many times. On January 7, 2011, Aceh power plant projects got Indonesia company awarded "good project performance award" in 2010. As so far Sinohydro is the only Chinese electrical contractor won the award.



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